Monday, March 30, 2009

Everything's almost ready

I've bought my tickets to get from Beijing to Hangzhou (where Martha's staying). After I bought them it finally sunk in that I'm actually going to be going there. As I'm posting this I'm at 25 days left until I leave. That is going to fly by.

Now, I sent my flight confirmation to Martha so that she can see exacly when I'm scheduled to arrive, plus she'll know my flight and such. She sent me a bunch of links for things to see and do while in Hangzhou. One of the links is for a place called Farmer's Paradise (that's the rough translation that the website gave me). A while back Martha had gone there with her class and she said that it was awesome. It was a little like our Upper Canada Village so I thought "Awesome" and asked if we could go. She remembered! Anyways, I browsed through the site to look at the photos and it's really awesome. Today I got around to having the website translated and oh my god, I don't think a day there will be enough. Check it out.

There's tons of activities that you can do and they even let you participate with some of the more traditional things such as plowing the fields, and moving the water mill. There's archery, ox cart rides, something about canoes or carving them, a bamboo labyrinth, stilt walking, hoop rolling and those are only some of the activities offered! There's also in the modern ones a giant water ball of some sort. It looks fun even though I have no idea what they're supposed to be doing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First Entry!

I've created this to update friends and family back at home on my (mis)adventures in China. I leave on April 25th and I'll be gone for 5 weeks. I'll try to update this as often as possible for you guys.