Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're even too ghetto for hot ear wax...

Kev's blog:

So after our tour at the Great wall, we headed back to our Hostel. After a bit of resting in our room, we hit the Beijing streets. As we're walking and collecting glares we found ourselves inside a mall. Now, this mall puts to shame all malls that we could find in Ottawa. Floors so sparkly you could shave with, enough advertisements and flashing lights to give a blind man a seizures and 6 floors! It felt like entering the mall for rich. We ended up exploring all the floors and checking out the shops. Was a very fun experience, living the culture you know? For some reason though, they had the heat going, and it's warmer here than it is in Ottawa.

We went back to our hostel for some food and quickly caught our ride to the kungfu show. The driver was very friendly, asked us to teach him some English and even gave us some money for the cab ride back! What more could we ask for? We get there, he gives us our tickets and we enjoy the show (no pictures allowed, sorry folks). We finished our shopping as well while at the show, good thing too seeing as funds are getting low. Then it was time to catch a cab. First one we approach doesn't want to take us…. Fine we'll take the next one, he asks for 100 yuan before ride (Yea right) so we leave the crowded theatre and try to get a cab further away, possibly with more luck (Yea right).

I suppose I did something bad and karma caught up with me (although I prefer blaming Candace, my karma's impeccable!) because now it was raining, and all the cabs were full. Even those that weren’t didn't stop, one slowed down, took a look at us and drove away (I never thought we'd have so much problems getting a taxi as 2 white folks). After 30 minutes in the rain (thank goodness it was light rain) someone finally stopped and let us in their cab. The 20 yuan covered the whole ride at least. Walked passed the foot massage place (man that'd be nice about now) which also offers ear candle treatments (what ever that is) in any case, after tonight we probably can't afford it anyways and now we're back here, in the bar writing this note while eating unsalted French fries (can't find the salt and the ketchup tastes like…well not ketchup).

Other than this minor, unfortunate incident which I am taking lightly (I'll laugh about it I the future) it was a great day. The Great Wall is a Must. I how now accomplished 2 of the 3 things I wanted to do while in Chine, Eat Roast Duck, go to the Great Wall and meet Mao (I'm still hopeful).

Bed time, tomorrow we're touring half the city in 1 day and our legs ach in places we didn't know existed so we're off to snore.

Ciao X O

Here's some more of the Great Wall photos. Unfortunately we couldn't take any at the Kungfu show. Sorry guys!


  1. Is that Kevin's "cone" hat that was mentioned earlier? Wicked Wall, BTW.

  2. Yes, that is his cone hat. He loves it. Too bad he's not going to be getting it before I get back. *evil laugh*

    The wall was amazing and totally worth the climb!