Thursday, December 10, 2009

I found the porkchops!

It appears that my trip to Somaliland is falling through. :(
I haven't heard from anyone since August and since I was supposed to leave in January (it now being December) it's too late to take time off of work. Which is rather unfortunate.
I have however discovered that I have enough aeroplan miles to travel to several locations globally. Anyone have any ideas?

I've decided that since I've no official travel plans anymore that I should blog about some of the random parts of my life. I do have some lovely random stories that happen nearly every day. I should have blogged when I still worked outdoors with East Parks. The stories I could have told!

Today was a rather pleasant day despite the fact that I had a training session. Yesterday we received a huge snow storm which gave us a good 25cm of snow. We got another 4cm today (but that's minor details). So, my drive into work today was long with the lack of snow removal on the streets plus I had to drive out way further than normal. When I got to the branch that I'd be training at I discovered a pleasant surprise! A few people that I had met at other branches were there for training as well.
At this point I should mention that I work at the Public Library and all of the branches within the city are merged into one giant system. So it's easy for employees to move from branch to branch for extra hours. I typically work in the East end of the city but I've been working alot in the central part of the city lately.
So, I say hi to some ladies that I've worked with in the East end before going to chat with the guys that I've met downtown Nick and Pat. Naturally I practically start my conversation by talking about the fantasia party that I held the weekend before (Nick asked how it went. He was invited but couldn't make it). Pat asked me what I dressed up as and I was like "Uh, you don't dress up for fantasia parties." He stared at me blankly for a moment before replying "oh. OH! YEAH! GIMME FIVE!" he shouted out the rest and raised his hand as it clued into his mind. It was hilarious to see the wheels working in his mind as he realized what it was. (For those of you who don't know it's an adult party where a lady comes to tell everyone attending about various adult toys and games which we can purchase at the end. The person hosting the party receives 10% of the total items sold of free items)
I then told them about my special cookies that I baked for the party. Little penises and boobies. They were adorable and I made giftbags. Unfortunately these two other people that I hadn't known came into the conversation at this point and I realized then that I don't exactly pay attention to proper conversational topics with strangers. They thought I was rather amusing.

It didn't take me until I got home that I realized I had spent most of the actual course flirting with pat. At least, I'm pretty sure we were flirting. I'm rather dense when it comes to this stuff. Plus I act this way around my close friends all the time which is why I didn't really think about it at the time. We basically spent the entire course writting on each others notes and arms, poking each other, I'd catch him looking at me and he kept doing the same. Every once in a while he'd grab my arm/shoulder or leg so naturally I did the same back to him. Our conversation was also pretty dirty the entire time. We were trying to list points for something and kept coming up with naughty comments such as "Pat's packing rocks". I felt like I was in high school again. It was pretty damn fun. Needless to say it turned out to be an awesome morning.

This afternoon after I got home I decided to go to the basement hunting for something to thaw for dinner. I went into the dry storage under the stairs to search for some form of noodle (I decided to make chicken with alfredo sauce) and I found a package of pork chops on the ground rotting away.

Let me backtrack a little. My mom left on Saturday December 5th with my dad down south for a week. A day or so before she left she made pork chops for dinner. Unfortunately she misplaced these pork chops and called home asking my brother to thaw some more out for dinner. Since she's been gone I've noticed a horrible stench in the basement and at first assumed it was the litter box. I've cleaned the box several times but could still smell it. Needless to say when I discovered these pork chops I was thrilled to have finally found the source of the stench! It's been annoying me all week! The mess was disgusting to pick up but the basement smells wonderful!

Huh, this was supposed to be a teeny tiny post. Sorry about that guys.

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