Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adventures in Naples

I should start by saying that unfortunately while we're in Naples I won't be able to upload any photos. Hopefully there will be a computer in Venice for me to do so and if not then it'll have to wait until Rome. Our plan is to leave for Venice on Friday morning and then back to Rome for a few days on Monday before we fly home.

Cory and I went to Pompeii today with some new friends that we met in the hostel (as mentioned yesterday). We left relatively early in the morning with plans to visit Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Vesuvius. That did not happen. Vesuvius was closed because of the weather and by the time we got to Herculaneum it was closed (it closes at 5 but last admittance was at 3:30. We arrived at 3:40)

We grabbed a croissant at the train station on our way to the Circumvesuviana (the train line we needed to take to reach the excavations). It was absolutely delicious. There were little chunks of almonds on it and some kind of filling. So good. And it was still warm from the oven so it was really, really fresh too. 

The train ride was pretty uneventful. We all sat together and chatted but it did help the time go by a little faster. 

Pompeii was as spectacular as the last time I was there. They moved around a few things (notably the castings of the bodies). We also managed to get quite lost in the city. First to find those castings and second to get out. Turns out the exit was near the entrance all along... We meandered around the city, to simply explore it and to enjoy it. We did get rained on for a while. Luckily we were all prepared. Cory and I had our awesome matching yellow ponchos (we realized then that an umbrella would have been better.) and everyone else had either a rain jacket or an umbrella. We were able to carry on with our exploration despite the rain.

When we eventually left the city we decided that lunch was a great idea but we would wait until we reached Ercolano. We found that same pizza place that I went to last summer with that older couple. The pizza was still pretty tasty but the one we went to last night was even better. 

After lunch we left to go to Herculaneum thinking that we had until at least 4 to get in but turns out we didn't. We did see the site from nearby and could peer into what was there. Since we couldn't do Vesuvius either I told Cory that this just meant he would have to return to Italy some day when it was summer so there would be longer hours and better weather. 

The trip back to town was pretty uneventful. We met a couple from L.A. on the subway, helped them get to where they wanted to be (same stop as us). Now we're just chilling in the hostel. Most of the people we've met are around Cory's age so that's been pretty awesome. He seems to get along pretty well with them. Which is even more awesome. 

I'm typing this as we're chilling at the hostel, just relaxing from our day. We're all pretty exhausted. I'm hoping to find the energy to go out again later but I do need some recovery time.

Tomorrow we will do our best to explore what Naples has to offer. It stills looks like an incredible city and after hearing Giovani last night there's so much more to the city than I knew last time. I also hope that the castle is open to visit. Cory needs to visit a castle.

Also, I feel the need to mention that I was a little more than weary with using the bed here. Even though it's clearly a sturdier bed than the last one there's a little something in the back of my mind whispering "....what if...". I joked with Cory that I'll need to see a shrink when I get back due to a fear of beds breaking. 

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