Thursday, November 28, 2013

Last day in Rome

Today did not end up as planned. I had every intention of us either going to Tivoli or Orvieto. I thought Tivoli would be nice to see the gardens. We should have done Orvieto. Don't get me wrong though, we still had a great time today.

We left the Termini train station at 9 am content that we were on the proper train. There was a transfer and our first train was delayed. We missed our connection at the Tiburtina station and ended up staying there until half past eleven. We got there shortly before 10. The trip should have taken us about 40-60 minutes. We ended up in a limbo at Tiburtina while missing trains. It wasn't the most pleasant experience. Not to mention the platforms were named funny. They had numbers 1-25 and 1EST and 2EST. The signage was lacking. It also didn't help that pretty much the entire station was under construction. I will end my feelings on the station here as I've not much else to say that's positive for it. 

By 11:33 our train was finally leaving the station for what we hoped was Tivoli. Online, it made it seem like it would be relatively easy to get around. It was not. We wound up going to a restaurant and having lunch before heading back towards the train station. The lesson learned today? Don't always try to do these things on your own. Tours can be useful. A tour of Tivoli would have been much better. On the bright side, lunch was absolutely delicious. Cory had a creme brûlée for desert and I had some gelato. 

We arrived back in Rome at around 3.30 this afternoon and decided to make our way to the Spanish steps. There's a really nice fountain at the bottom of them that I wanted to show my brother. It was under repair. By this point it feels like 50% of what I wanted to show my brother has been under repair. We were able to peek through the fence and get a glimpse of the fountain. It's a shame because this one had a stepping stone to drink from the fountain. We saw a souvenir place and I keep seeing these lovely scarves (and had seen them at the Vatican for cheap the day before) I went to ask for the price out of curiosity. It was much more expensive there so I passed and we made our way back to Termini station. There were more booths and these scarves were for sale there too at a much better price. I may have gotten myself two of them (for the price that the other guy was selling the other ones). It still wasn't as cheap as the Vatican ones but still much cheaper. We figured by the time we pay to take the metro back to the Vatican it will be cheaper to buy the slightly more expensive ones. It worked out in the end. 

We came back to the hostels pretty early tonight compared to every other night and began to pack our things. We have a loaf of bread and a bag of cookies that we want to bring home since we didn't get a chance to eat them (we still have some bananas, grapes, and olives to eat. That's our breakfast tomorrow. Yum. Bleh for olives). We packed our bags and took care to make sure our glass and breakables were safe in our carry-ons. Mostly, some of it I put in my pack, Whatever's been bubble wrapped and earrings. They should survive no problem. I will have to take great care when unpacking tomorrow. 

At around 6ish we ventured forth to seek out dinner. We went back to the Pastecceria in front of our hostel. It was delicious. We ended our meal with Cannolo Sciliano. Which as my brother describes is an eggroll filled with cream and chocolate with a cherry on top. It was delicious as I knew it would be. We basically ended our day by playing Scorpa! once again. Cory kicked my butt tonight. Then again I kicked his the other day so it's fair. 

Tomorrow morning we have to wake up at around 4.30 to be able to catch the 5 am shuttle at the Termini train station. It's only a quick 5-10 minute walk away. It looks relatively easy to find. Hopefully we have a smooth flight with no delays.

I will also post a few photos either tomorrow night or Saturday night for you guys since I haven't been able to secure one of the hostel's computers to do so. :) 

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