Saturday, May 2, 2009

Collection of images

Here's a collection of images taken from both my camera and Kevin's.


Images taken while on the Great wall

View of the mountains from the Great wall

Stairs in the watch tower

Inside of the watch tower

Temple of Heaven:

Images taken in the Forbidden City:

Some flowers that are growing on the roof.

Complex designs on the ceiling at the Forbidden City

Images taken while at the Summer Palace:

Entrance to the great hall in the summer palace.

A few images taken from the streets around our hostel:

A church that's located about a block or so away from the hostel.

Details of the nearby church

One of the rides in the tiny street fair that's a block or so away from our hostel.

Images from the Lama Temple:

Intermingled roof tops inside the Lama Temple

Detail of the roof in the Lama Temple.

Entrance passage to the Lama Temple.


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  2. Great photos!!!
    The Wall looks simply amazing!
    My favorite is the stone-made-boat! It's awesome!!! :D

  3. Eni: Thanks! The wall is gorgeous! It's a must-see for anyone coming to China! That stone boat was pretty damn awesome.

  4. Awesome pics Candace!!! I love the scenery surrounding the Great Wall of China...and that boat (sorry if I am incorrect)but it looked like a beautiful carved (?) boat...however that ride thingy looked rather frightening to me...a wee bit high...a wee bit of nothing...Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos's me, Cathie, again...I had to check out every corner of your yes, I am still here posting...
    yippee! Take good care, Love always, Cathie xoxo

  5. Cathie: The scenery there was amazing. It's actually pretty amazing everywhere even in the city. I've never seen so many apartment buildings so closely packed together than I have while in Hangzhou and Shanghai.
    I think it's a carved boat, there were giant dragon boats that were docking near it, it was pretty cool to see.

  6. These are all SO cool! Hey, prettiest weed I've ever seen! 8D

    (Omg, I love those rides!! Did you go? Did they make you sign a huge waiver?)

  7. Nora: Thanks! Yeah, I felt that they were too pretty to be called weeds. =D

    No, I didn't go. Kev didn't want to and we still had to try and find that post office. Which we later discovered that we were looking at the wrong side of the street. -.-;

  8. It's all so beautiful. *wistful sigh*