Saturday, May 2, 2009

Post offices, airports, and subways...

Those three words pretty much sum up my day. Today was Kevin's last day in Beijing. This morning we ventured out towards the post office to mail out our abnormally large package. That was a fun experience. It took us a while to find the post office and once we did it was surprisingly close to the hostel. We went back to fetch the box and I got Kevin to lug it to the post office for me. Once there it took us a while to figure out how to send it. I hope it'll be here by the time I arrive.

After we got back from the post office I picked up my laundry and packed my bags so I could switch rooms and Kevin could checkout. I got a room just down the hall from my other room. I love t, it has a hostel feel to it. There's 4 beds so that's good seeing as I was expecting there to be 6 of them. We also have a random table which is quite nice. When I went to my room I already knew two of my roommates since I had met them earlier in the bar. I won't be seeing much of them since I leave the hostel tomorrow morning at 5 am but it's still nice to see some familiar faces.

I ended up going with Kevin to the airport. We gave the wrong terminal to the driver but luckily there was a free shuttle to the right terminal. Once there it didn't take us too long to figure out where to go but the luggage check-ins were still closed since it was still too early so we grabbed a bite to eat first. I left Kevin shortly after as he went through immigration and security to get to his boarding gate and I was on my way back to the hostel. I decided to catch the airport shuttle bus and take the subway back home. That was an experience. I was the only non-Asian on the shuttle so I kept getting tons of strange stares. It really didn't help that I only had my purse and my camera bag with me. After I got off of the shuttle there were tons of people offering rides and it took some time to make it through everyone. Nobody seemed sure that I could successfully take the subway on my own. They all said that it was too difficult and confusing, little did they know that I had previous experience in using the subway.

The entire journey back to my hostel ended up costing 1/4 of the price that a taxi would have and it was only 30 minutes longer. I eventually got back to my hostel at around 4.30 in the afternoon and booked a taxi so I can get back to the airport tomorrow morning.

Tonight I may venture back to the night market in search of more food on a stick. It was really good last night and I'd like some more before I leave Beijing.


  1. Wow, must've been quite an experience to go back alone! The people offering rides where taxi drivers or something or just good samaritans offering to help?
    It's quite amusing to see you were more comfortable mailing stuff from China than from Canada, hahahaha!!
    How many roommates did you have in your new room? By the time you read this, you'll probably be in your next destination, hope you had a pleasant trip!
    See you in your next post! :wave:

  2. Heya! Made it back home safe. Almost missed my transfer as it took 1 hour for my luggage to arrive but they ended up boarding later than indicated so I made it ok. Now I'm back home, had a wonderful night of sleep in my oh so comfortable bed and it's back to work soon.

    Have fun with the rest of your trip and watch yourself, don't want a liverless Candace coming back to us

    Hugs and kisses


  3. Eni: It was an experience! An odd one though, I was so used to traveling with someone that it's really strange to be by myself.
    My room in Beijing I had 3 roommates, I became friends with 2 of them. I'm secretly hoping that they'll still be there when I return.
    I certainly am in my next destination. I've succesfully flown into Hangzhou, spent the day there touring and then took the train over to Shanghai.

    Kevin: I'm so glad you're home safe! I was going to send you an e-mail when I got to a semi-stable internet connection. I'm also glad that you didn't miss your flight and you have your luggage. I shall watch myself and be careful. You won't be getting a liverless friend back.

  4. Way to go Candace!!!! Finding your way back, subway ride and all! Extremely proud of you !!! Yep, still me...Cathie I have been posting comments all over the place here on your blog...I must be Blog Happy or something..Actually just so pleased to be able to hear about your travels and to know that all is well....take care my friend, Love always, Cathie xoxox

  5. Cathie: The subway is definitely the easiest way to get around the city and it's the cheapest. It costs maybe 20 cents Canadian per ride. It's fun that there's comments all over the place, it's like hide and seek.