Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another collection of images!

Here's a nother series of images that I've been wanting to post with my last entries. It includes a few images that I took on Sunday while in Hangzhou as well as a select few of the images that I've taken while in Shanghai. I'm loving this city so far, it's amazing! I'll be pretty sad to leave it.

Coco the clothing store. This is uploaded just for my brother since I thought of him when I saw it. It's located near my hostel in Shanghai. When I get back to Beijing I have to see about taking a picture of the Playboy clothing store. Yes, like the playboy bunny. The logo is the playboy bunny too. I find it hilarious.

A monk at the Jing'An temple. You can see the elevator for the huge mall behind the temple in the background. - Shanghai

Jing'An Temple - Shanghai

Jing'an Temple. It's an odd sight to see the old temple with the modern buildings in the background. - Shanghai

A manta ray swimming above me. Those things swim awfully fast. - Shanghai Aquarium

Lionfish! Taken at the Shanghai Aquarium.

Penguins! Need I say more? Taken at the Shanghai Aquarium. I'm a little upset that they didn't have the Emperor penguins there but these little guys are just as cute! I wanted to run in there and hug one so badly! I was also really tempted to buy one of the penguin stuffed animals in the shop at the end but they were rather expensive and I figure I could get one for cheaper at that mall in Beijing.
WestLake. This was taken as we were trying to find either a bus route or a cab to take us back to Martha's apartment. I saw it and had to take it. - Hangzhou

WestLake- Hangzhou

West Lake. One of the many bridges located across the West Lake. - Hangzhou

Oriental pearl. I didn't bother going inside since I was feeling cheap at the time but it was rather pretty to look at from the outside. It was huge! - Shanghai


  1. Gorgeous photos!!!
    I gotta say one of my favorites is the one of the monk with the elevator behind him. I think it's an image that sums up the Asian coexistence of ancient and modern traditions. I know, I know, it's a hackneyed phrase I'm giving you here, but I really feel it that way :)
    I love the lake shots and the Coco one is funny! I still remember you offered to send Coco over to clean my house if I offered to feed him, I'm still thinking about it, I'll let you know :D

  2. Hello,

    The gang is all here. That is what Cathie told me to write. So if it looks stupid, blame Cathie.

    Martine, Cathie, Annick and me (Anonymous)

  3. Once again I LOVE your photos, Candace! My favourite...the first one of the West Lake...what a nice little tranquil spot to retreat for awhile...thanks so much for sharing all of this! Take good care, Love always, Cathie xoxo

  4. LIONFISH! Omg, those are my favourite fishes! ^__^ Neat! The mall escalator with the monk is a really striking image, actually. :3 Duality ftw!

  5. Hey Sweetie,
    Love the pics, it must be so beautiful to see Shanghai, wow, I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like.
    PS note to Eni, you cannot have my Coco, even if you do feed him, we want him. Love reading your comments to Candace.
    PS to Nora, if you read this comment, please call me at home and leave me your Mom's work mail code, I have your book and I can send it internal mail.
    Now back to you Candace,
    Are you doing well, are you in need of any money, let me know. I know how you must have felt when you say the penguins, I must say my favorite pic was the one of the Lionfish. Neat shot. Cory says hi, Dad says to tell you he loves you, have fun and play safe.
    Dad,Cory,Bundles and Mom

  6. Hi Candace's Mom!!! Nice to meet you! :)
    I promise to send Coco back, I'm just lazy to clean up my own appartment, hahaha!
    Besides, see it this way: he'd get to also travel and see the very hot and often humid North of Argentina! Doesn't it sound appealing? XD
    I'm glad you have some fun reading the silly stuff I write to your daughter, I enjoy reading her stories :)
    Hugs to you too from Argentina!
    PS to Vama-chan: Don't worry, even though I met your cool Mom, I'll still write to you, don't be jealous! LOL!

  7. Martine, Cathie, Annick and annonymous: Hi!!!!

    Cathie: Thanks! It looks like an amazing spot. I'll probably be spending a whole lot more time there just relaxing during the day.

    Nora: Lionfish, are awesome. At first I wasn't too fond of the escalator behind the monk but I'm really enjoying it now.

    Mom: I'm doing great! I'm having such a great time here. I've met some really interesting people along the way (and a fellow photographer). I do rather enjoy my lionfish shot. I think I have a better one with my other camera (these are all shots done with a cheaper camera). I should be good for money, thanks for offering. My payday was this week so that helps out. I actually had to go out and buy some toothpaste, soap, and stuff so that was interesting. Say hi to Cory and Dad for me. I love you all.

    Eni: Nah, I'm not worried. We've still got dA and facebook to e-stalk each other. =D

  8. HEY candy it's friday it's me dad 5pm mum & Cory gone to movies new star trek missing you lots glad your having a good time will read all your new post in morning just getting ready to cut ceders tomorow love you with all my heart mum will send a bigger post when they got home Love and keep save.....DaD

  9. Hi dad!
    I'll be seeing the new Star Wars movie next weekend with Martha since it comes out next week over here. I'm having an absolute amazing time here. I got back into Hangzhou this afternoon (Saturday night) and I'll be staying with Martha until Monday when I'll be heading off to Suzhou for the week to look at pretty gardens. Good luck with those cedars.
    Here's an odd question for you, what kind of gum would you like to try? Orange, strawberry, cantelope, mint, peppermint? I'm going to be buying you a pack of gum here.
    Love you lots,

  10. West Lake looks absolutely beautiful, particularly that photo you took of the willows and the little bridge.

  11. West lake is too amazing for words. Hangzhou is apparently one of the world's most beautiful cities so that's pretty snaz.
    I'm going to be having tons of fun wandering around the lake next week.