Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My search for a memory card continues...

After breakfast I went out in search of a compact flash card. The owner had given me instructions on where to go which seemed simple enough so I was on my way. I got a little lost but since he wrote everything in Mandarin I asked some locals and they pointed me in the right direction. It took me 2 hours and at least 15 different stores until I found a store that sold compact flash cards. They had some 4GB cards and some 8GB cards. I asked for the prices of both and they were pretty good so I asked if I could pay by credit card and they told me no. They pointed to an ATM and told me to pull out the money. It took me 20 minutes to explain to them that my card doesn't work in that ATM. My card only works in 2 specific banks. Unfortunately I had to leave the cards behind because I wasn’t about to give them my food money that I had set aside for the week. I had no idea if there were any banks that I could use here so I didn't want to risk it.

After my wild goose chase for a memory card I found my way to the Lingering Garden. Wow. It was amazing and virtually tourist free which was really nice. They had some musicians playing throughout the garden on those traditional guitars (I can't remember the name but if you've seen Memoirs of a Geisha, that instrument that she plays). Anyways, so the sound of music pretty much flowed through the entire place which really added to the atmosphere. At one point one of the ladies started to sing with the music which was amazing. As I made my way through the gardens a siren was sounded across the city. It sounded like one of those bombing alerts that you hear in the movies. It went on for what felt like an eternity (it was really 3 minutes). During this time some of the locals stayed perfectly still while others continued to move and talk. It was really, really creepy. I wasn't scared since I figured that if it was an alert for a bombing or something the locals would be running for cover or something. I later found out that it was a warning for everyone in town to stop moving/talking for 3 minutes to remember the earthquake victims from last year. They sounded the alarm at the exact time that the earthquake hit. Apparently all of China had this 3 minutes of silence (minus that alarm) and all of the traffic across the country was supposed to stop. I don't know if it actually stopped or not but it was interesting.

It took me a few hours to go through the garden and I've a feeling that I got lost in them. They're really big. Near the end I got caught in some rain which I have to say that it was about time it rained since the entire morning was overcast and misty. I've never moved so fast in my life to cover my camera. After I had it securely covered and I found some shelter I found a way to keep my camera covered so I could still take a few shots. I got some really nice ones. I'm glad I didn't keep my camera hidden.

By the time I got back to the hostel I was soaked. I got changed and got myself some dinner since I hadn't eaten lunch. I ordered sweet and sour pork with rice. It was pretty good. Although the sauce was a little too sour for my taste. I stayed in the hostel for the rest of the evening since the rain wasn't letting up and I watched a pirated version of Ocean's Thirteen with Mandarin and Russian subtitles (there was no way to remove them).

Lingering Garden:
A palm tree in the rain
Bamboo leaves. This was when it was just starting to rain

Me looking like a dork. ^^ My skin's got this I'm a burn/I'm a tan thing going on depending on the lighting.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys just for Kevin. I saw these and thought of you. They were in an artifact museum section of the garden. I think these are dated back 500-800 years. Could be more.

Some of the museums on a boat in the gardens.

Part of the entrance to the gardens.

One of the many canals. This one's a short 5 minute walk from my hostel. As you can see it was very misty and cloudy.


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. Seems like the memory card hunt has turned in a quest! O_o How come your credit card only works in only 2 banks?
    My screen is terrible, so I can't see your tan :(
    I love the photos that include rain! They somehow have mor of a personal touch to them :) They make me feel like I'm there too :D I know i know, I'm weird... :P The garden looks very pretty!
    The alarma thing sounds like I'd been scared of it, hahah! Reminds me of when I took the cruise on my 15th birthday trip, the first afternoon we had an exercise (I don't know how to call it in English) to teach us all what to do if a wreck/sinking ever happened. They announced everything through the speakers, so we weren't afraid, but there was a couple who came running down the stairs from an upper deck with horror struck faces and their floater jacket thingies (yet another word I don't know how to say in English :P ) on! Everyone just stared at them and slowly the truth reached their brains and they went back upstairs with glowing red faces, poor guys! Hahaha!
    Good luck with your memory card quest! :XD:

  3. Monkeys....excellent.

    I'm betting the alarm was to warn the local population that there was a white person loose in the city and stealing people's soul with little a black device.

  4. Forgot to ask if you had gotten an answer from Shardglass.

  5. Eni: Yes, my memory card has turned into a quest. It's an unfortunate quest too! Who knew 86GB of memory wasn't enough? I've decided that if I can find a converter that would work too. I've seen some that can turn an SDHC card into a CF card so that would work too if I can find one.
    Not all ATM's support international cards which sucks. Even the machines that are supposed to support mine doesn't always work. =(
    At least you had someone who was announcing what to do. Those people must has been so embarrassed!
    That kind of exercise can be called a drill, and the floater jacket thingy is a life jacket. =D

    Kevin: Yes, monkeys. Pfft, I haven't stolen very many souls lately so it's gotta be to warn them of the other white people I've seen! Yes, I've seen more! Not yet, gonna go start to e-stalk her for ya. =D