Monday, May 11, 2009

It's getting hot, hot, hot!

As the title says. It's getting very hot and very humid here. I'm probably going to freeze when I get back home. For the past few days we've been averaging at 33-35 degrees without the humidex, with it it's about 40 outside. Luckily it's supposed to cool down a little bit this week for thunderstorms! They keep calling for these storms but we never get anything. There's one storm that keeps migrating. It was supposed to happen the Sunday before I left for Shanghai and then it's was supposed to happen when I got back to Suzhou and then they called for it on Monday, Tuesday, and now it's for Friday. I'm beginning to think we aren't going to get these storms. I would love to see a thunderstorm while I'm here. Although I'd much prefer to see it from Martha's apartment since she's so high up. I could try to set up my camera and maybe get a shot of lightening, if I'm lucky.

My hostel is actually turning out to be pretty damn good despite the toilets (which I'm now used to), bad showers, and rock hard beds (I'll try using the duvet they gave us last night as extra padding tonight and use my own sleeping bag to sleep in). The staff member that I had trouble with was actually new here and was still in the process of learning English. The other staff does speak nearly perfect English. One of them even has an American accent, that threw me off this morning. I ended up chatting with that lady who's learning English yesterday for a good few hours. Everytime she had trouble with a word she'd stop me and ask for its meaning before writting it down. She migrated to my dorm since her room didn't have a working air conditioner which is fine by me. The dorm was mostly empty anyway.

I'm going to be heading out today in search of some more memory cards. The owner of the hostel dropped by yesterday and gave me some information on where I could buy some good ones for a good price. I should also mention that he's also a photographer which is why it's helped. The guy drew me a map and explained how to get there. He also wrote the address down for me in Mandarin in case I wished to take a cab. It's only a 20 minute walk so I think I'll walk it instead to get to know the town. With any luck I'll be heading off towards one of the gardens today.


  1. Hi!!!!
    I'm really glad the hostel grew on your feelings! :D
    The memory card hunt went well, I hope?
    I told my sisters about those toilets, and they find them just as creepy, hahaha!
    Speaking of them, Agu needs the computer, I'll write more tomorrow.
    Sleppy hugs!

  2. I keep switching my feelings about the hostel. Silly hostel. Right now I'm in the "it's okay" mood.
    I'll actually be writting about that later. It took me 2 hours to find a store that sold Compact Flash cards and they didn't accept credit cards so I couldn't buy it.
    The toilets aren't my favorite thing. I almost feel like an animal when I use them. It's definitely something I won't be missing when I leave Suzhou.