Monday, July 9, 2012

Another busy day!

I'm officially beginning to feel the effects of my day yesterday. My hips, thighs, and lower back are killing me from all of the stair climbing yesterday. But, it's a good pain, right? It means I'm working out. I started my day by passing by the Coloseum and ended up exploring the nearby streets before I made my way to St. Clemente's church. That church is gorgeous! It's built on top of an ancient Roman church that was dedicated to both Christianity and some of the Pagan religions of the time. There are slabs in the basement that have scripture for both religions (and it flips over to reveal only one at a time). There was also an underground water system. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photographs. The church was everything I had hoped for and more! I got to the church a little early so I treated myself to a slice of pizza from a tiny local pizzeria. It was three cheezes and was quite tasty. I then hopped onto the metro again and went to Castel A. Angelo, it's an older castle. Unfornately, it too was closed. (I'm beginning to see a patern with castles and museums being closed on Mondays). Since my legs were starting to hurt I decided to get some gelato. I got it this time in a cup and in honor of Kevin, I tried some of the banana flavor. I also had pineapple and strawberry. Out of the three from there, the banana one was the best. From the castle I somehow decided that it would be a brilliant idea to walk to the Spanish steps (which are on the other side of the river and about 4 metro stops away from where I had gotten off to see the castle. By the time I reached the steps I was too tired to actually climb them so I chilled by the fountain instead for a bit and took pictures. There was a guy selling roasted nuts! Chestnuts! (at least I'm 99% sure they were chestnuts). All I could think of in my head was "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...lalalala" It was so cool! Naturally I stopped and took a picture or two or three. And then I ran away. People were drinking directly out of the fountain and I was going to as well until I noticed that people had their feet in that same water! I don't know if the water is recycled or not and I didn't want to take a risk. After the spanish steps I jumped onto the metro to head back to the hostel. I have plans to enjoy more of that delicious tortelini again tonight. Hopefully the restaurant it still open. Afterwards I may stay inside and relax before heading off to bed as I was definitely closing my eyes in the metro on the way back. Also, I attempted earlier to upload photographs but the connection was too slow to actually do it. I'm so sorry but they'll have to wait some more!

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