Sunday, July 15, 2012

Grimaldi ferries

I'll start by apologizing with the hastiness of my last post. I hadn't realized the time when I started to write it and then noticed I had a train to catch. I managed to get to the station on time. Friday night was spent relaxing in the hostel with some other guests. I helped some guys open a bottle of wine (I had a corkscrew opener on my pocketknife) so they offered me a glass of wine in thanks. I accepted and joined them at their table. They were Scottish, I believe their names were Adam, Ross, and Chris. Anyway, they were nice. After a bit some of the hostel staff came to join us and she brought beers and shared so I poured a tiny bit in my mug (after I finished the wine of course) and chatted with her as well.I ended up going to bed at almost 2am which was waaaay later than I had originally intended so needless to say waking up bright and early Saturday morning was a little difficult. I caught my train to Rome with no problem and managed to buy my tickets for Civitavecchia with no issue as well but I did almost miss that train since I went out grocery shopping for ferry food and I had issues with the apples. In Italy, or at least that store, you have to weight them before you get to the cash. I argued with two cashiers until finally the security guard showed me what to do. I was like "oh, thank-you!" Before paying and running to catch my train. Had I been a minute longer I'd have missed it. I arrived in Civitavecchia with plenty of time to spare. By plenty I mean 7 hours worth. I thought the ferry was supposed to leave at 8pm turns out it was 10pm. The ferry ride itself was pretty long and boring. It was 22 hours. From 10pm-5am I stayed indoors since I wasn't aloud to be on the outside deck at night (too. Windy) so I froze indoors and then I went outside bright and early and snagged a lawnchair and basically passed out. By this point I hadn't slept in almost 2 days. I woke up at around 2 in the afternoon a little crispy. Being sleepy and not really thinking I turned over to my stomach, luckily my back didn't end up crispy too. There was lots and lots of wind so it's in part windburn mixed with sunburn. And it hurts. A lot. My shins and cheeks are burning up but the rest of me is covered in goosebumps which makes for a really strange combination. I've coated myself with aloe vera and after sun and I'm hoping for the best for tomorrow. Mostly I don't want to be as lobstery in the morning. Despite the fact thatI slept allday I'm still soooo tired! I will sleep well tonight. The ferry was massive. There were 11 decks. The first 6 were pretty much for vehicles and engine rooms. Decks 7, 8, and 9 were for cabins. Deck 10 had 4 restaurants (2 were self serve), there was a casino, a planitarium, a play room for kids, an infirmery, a lounge for drivers, and arcade, and some other stuff. The 11th deck was an open deck. It had a bar, a dance hall, a disco room, two swimming pools (one was a wading pool). I tried to sleep at night on a couch near the casino and the arcade but couldn't get comfortable. Next time I must splurge on a room. I cannot do open deck passage for another long ferry ride. It's too hard to recover. It doesn't help that I've started coughing a lot since I climbed Vesuvius but I've been stopping so that was probably dust and smoke. Most italians seem to have a thing for smoking. I'm a little glad to be out of Italy though I did really, really enjoy myself. The ferry arrived in Barcelona at almost 9 pm and instead of taking the metro I opted for a taxi. I don't usually do this but at this point I needed a shower and aloe vera so the extra cost to get there painlessly was worth it. The hostel itself is lovely. It's super tall. And secure. You need a keycard to go up the elevator, into each room, into the lockers. It's crazy but kinda nice. Luckily I'm on a bottom bunk again. Bunk number 4. I was a little worried since this place has assigned beds. But there's a light by each bed and a plug in to charge your phone/batteries so that's neat.I don't have to fight with roommates for the outlit. The room also comes with a thick comforter! Which is sooo nice seeing as I seriously cannot stop shivering. My teeth are practically clattering. I think it's all that wind, it got to my bones. Hopefully tomorrow is nice and humid. I want to be warm again. I'm also debating on what to do tomorrow. I only have one day to see the city. There's another. Open air hop on/off bus tour to see the city. That may be the easiest way to see everything. I can do the route once and then once it restarts hop off at various locations.

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