Monday, July 16, 2012

Ice is nice

Surprisingly I managed to sleep mostly through the entire night. I woke up when some of my roommates came back and then I started to cough like crazy (I felt horrible about that and apologized a zillion times). Then basically I passed out again until morning. I haven't slept that well in a looong time. Even though my legs were burning up and I was terrified I'd wake up covered in blisters. That was not the case. It's a bad sunburn but it's a lot better than it was last night with the exception of my face. Don't worry, it's much better now but this morning when I woke up I had trouble opening my right eye because my cheeks and forehead were swollen (from the sunburn/windburn). That is a downside to backpacking. Sometimes bad sunburns happen. Luckily(?) I have experience with dealing with sunburns and I know this one wasn't severe so it's all good. I immediately went to the bathroom (after I woke up) and soaked my towel in cold water while I covered my face in aloe vera gel. I then placed the cold damp towel on my face to reduce swelling. I brought some advil with me (in case of headaches) so I took some of that and went down for breakfast. I did bring one of my ziplock bags with me. Breakfast was really good. Yet again it's included in the price of the hostel. There were mini loaves of bread, tons of cereal, various jams, pudding/yogurt (maybe a strange mixture of both), fruits, various juices. It was a lot of food but I didn't eat too much since I'd hardly eaten the day before. I don't feel like shocking my system too much more. After breakfast I asked the staff if she had ice cubes I could use and she gave me a giant bag filled with ice! I put them into smaller bags. And I've used them to further reduce swelling to the point where it's pretty much all gone. So there is no reason to worry. I am fine and healthy. I do plan on staying indoors for another few hours as I keep applying ice every 15 minutes. I also keep putting on a whole bunch of aloe and unscented moisterizer. I'm considering myself lucky that I didn't blister. That's happened before with my back in Mexico and that was unpleasant, this burn is just inconvenient. Hopefully I'll be able to write something later like "Yeah! Barcelona rocks! I saw __________________________".

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