Thursday, July 19, 2012

Learning to dance...

I'm starting to notice the stress that Natalia and Nacho are feeling in regards to their wedding. I woke up this morning at around 9.30 and when I came out into the living room I found it covered with cupcakes. Natalia was decorating cupcakes for the wedding. They look absolutely gorgeous and delicious! Anyway, it seems that the bride and groom do a lot more here than they do in weddings back home to the point where they're preparing everything on their own. They even purchased all of the drinks that will be served. We must have carried at least 50 cases of 2 litre bottles of pop to a van today for the wedding. Each case had 6 bottles. Then there was all of the alcohol. Basically the morning was pretty lazy and laid back and the afternoon evening got pretty busy. We rushed to get all of the cupcakes into boxes and then rushed them into Nacho's car before rushing over to Nacho's parents house (I swear they live in a mansion) and moving two couches to a van which we ended up bringing to the ranch where the wedding will be taking place. After putting the couches in the van we drove back to Natalia's and moved all of the drinks to the van. (these had to be removed to get the couches out). And then after dropping off the couches we went back to her place to chill for a few minutes before we ran out again for some last minute errands for the wedding. This also included picking up her wedding dress. I've only seen parts of it because she refuses to let me see the whole thing but what I've seen is absolutely beautiful! Her veil looks to be 20 feet long but it's probably actually anywhere from 6-10 feet long. After all of that was done we went back to her house (which by this point it was almost 9.30 at night) and had dinner. While I ate Natalia decided it would be a good idea to teach Nacho how to dance the waltz. They were so adorable! Watching them learn to dance I could clearly see how much they're in love. They were laughing and kissing as they kept stepping on each other's toes. After about 30 minutes they finally got it right. It was really sweet. I've also come to notice that it doesn't seem to start to get dark outside until about 10.30 at night. It's really strange how it stays so bright out for so long! Anyways, that's pretty much about it. Not sure what's planned for tomorrow but I think it'll be a busy day and I've got to figure out how I'll be getting to Tarifa. I know there's a bus but I think I'll have to go from Madrid to Algeciras and then Algeciras to Tarifa since I don't think there's a direct bus that does it. Oh well. Gonna work on figuring that out.... huzzah!

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