Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Rome

I've made it safely to Rome. I'm currently waiting for my room to be ready and thinking about food. The flight to Toronto went well. The flight to Madrid was delayed by almost 2 hours because as the plane was about to take off the pilot realized that there was a fuel leak so we had to stop and get it fixed. I felt so horrible for poor Natalia who was waiting to pick me up for almost 2 hours! Other than the delay the flight went rather well. It was sooooo nice to see Natalia again! We grabbed lunch shortly after I arrived and then she had to go to work for an hour (she's a massage therapist and had an appointment) so I got to wait by the client's pool outdoors. Her house and by house I mean mansion is absolutely amazing! I mean Wow! Anyway, after the appointment we went to the mall to meet up with Nacho and some of his relatives (Nacho is Natalia's fiancée). We hung out for a bit which was fun and then at around 8-9pm we went back to their apartment, grabbed dinner, and I went to bed. My flight to Rome was scheduled to leave at 7 am but due to complications it didn't end up leaving until almost 9 am. This allowed me to get some much needed sleep. Which was nice. Natalia was nice enough to drive me to the airport for 5 am which meant leaving her place at 4 am. I'm looking forward to seeing her again on the 17th. I was able to find my way into Rome without any trouble but I did get a little lost on my way to the hostel. Today is too hot a day to be lost with a huge backpack. When I did finally find the hostel I checked in and was given a gift which is "Air of Rome". I believe it's an empty tin can that has air from here. It's pretty snaz and cute. As for what I'll be doing this afternoon I can honestly say that I have no clue. All I want to do is sleep and shower so maybe if I were to eat something I'll feel like doing something beside hiding away in bed all day (a bed which I still don't have yet, lol). either way, no matter what I end up doing this afternoon I'm super excited to be in Rome. I plan on swinging by the Colosseum later this evening when all of the lights are on and perhaps tomorrow I will find my way to Orvieto for the day. Guess that's about it for now! I'm loving it here and having a great time!

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