Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Market

I've had a somewhat busy yet relaxing day in Tarifa. So far I've walked and seen most of the sights with the exception of one of the castles since it was closed (the other castle you just can't get close to, it's all blocked off) but the other castle opens again from 6-9 tonight so hopefully I'll get in then. I just missed the opening for it this morning by 5 minutes.

Basically so far I've spent my day wandering around the city taking pictures of buildings and pretty things. I eventually wandered over towards the second castle and the beaches and crossed the bridge that divides the ocean from the sea. Took a whole bunch of photos there since I was really fascinated with the area.

While wandering I decided I found this lovely little market near the hostel (that apparently only operates on Tuesdays from 8-3). They were selling fruits, vegetables, clothing (for as low as 2€) and in the clothing there was everything. Shirts, pants, dresses, underwear, bras, etc... While wandering through here I decided that it would be a good idea to get myself some fresh tomatoes for lunch and a peach for desert. I grabbed 2 tomatoes and 1 peach and asked the guy how much and he told me it was free. I asked why and he said it was because I wanted so little that I could simply have it. I really didn't complain at the free food and left there a little stunned but very content. Since I was about a minute away from the hostel I quickly went back and made myself some lunch. More pasta! This time I had the added joy of tomatoes and a peach for desert. It was delicious!

After lunch is when I ventured forth towards the castle and the beach. I now have a pocket filled with shells. I think I was worse than the kids. I kept running around taking pictures and picking up shells. I even saw a crab! I was very thrilled. I then crossed the bridge to get to the island with the lighthouse but that area was closed. I stayed and hung out by the beach for a good 2-3 hours, just relaxing to the sound of the waves and the intense winds. It was very, very windy. I did find an area under the bridge where the ocean almost meets the sea. From there I took off my shoes and stepped into the sea and then ran towards the ocean. It was pretty exciting. I ran back and forth a few times and stopped when locals started to stare at me a little strangely. I had fun. Discovered there's also some coral reefs on the ocean side as I saw some people snorkling.

Pretty house

The fortified walls from the original settlement

One of the squares with a bunch of patios

Covered walkway, I love the pots on the wall

One of the churches.

The sea side of the bridge!

The ocean side of the bridge!

Yet another map... Sorry guys. This one has a point of where I was standing. So that's neat?

A view of the island facing the ocean side.

A view of the island facing the sea side.

ocean side again.

Crab! Sea life! I guess this little guy is hiding until high tide comes in.

Uhm, the ocean side again. As I said, I got carried away.

Me, under the bridge. The ocean is behind me.

This picture's pretty neat. The water in the front on the sand is from the ocean and the water in the back of it is the sea. This was taken from the bridge.

Me in front of the image above. I was told I needed to be in more photos so voila! My pretty face once more. :)

That second illusive castle that I couldn't enter no matter how hard I tried. It's blocked off from all sides at the bottom of the cliff/hill. Part of the fence was broken down so I guess I could have snuck in but that seemed unsafe.

A statue dedicated to the local fishermen.

I want to say a mural of Don Quixote. I also want to say that it's near a school.  It is however almost right next to my hostel.

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