Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am not a cave explorer...

After exploring the streets a little I've come to notice that Naples has a certain... charm to it. The streets are narrow and dirty. Youhave to watch where you step or you might step in poop which I'm hoping is from dogs. If you aren't careful cars will run you over buuuut once you get past that and stop thinking that every single person out there is going to rob you blind there's a certain charm. The streets are filled with vendors, you can smell the various pizzerias, there are plenty of cafes which sell lemonade type drinks. Kids are running in the streets playing with soccer balls, People are playing cards on the smaller side streets. None of the vendors try to lure you to their stalls. It's quite nice and relaxing. I took a stroll down the street which has some of the best pizzeria's in all of Italy and grabbed dinner. Pizza of course. It was tasty though I prefer the pizza at home as there's more cheese. I have noticed that when it comes down to food, it is so much cheaper in Naples (this includes bottled water. €0.50 in Naples and almost €2 in Rome for a bottle of the same size. But the subway tickets for asingle journey here costs an arm and a leg. €3.80 in Naples andonly €1.50 in Rome (for €6 you can get a daypass). I also found a cheap wooden fan. The weather's a whole lot cooler here (but it's still pretty hot and humid) After dinner I found Naples Underground and went on the guided tour. Naples underground is a tour of two different things. The first thing that we saw was anancient roman amphitheatre. Over the years and because of city bylaws the town was built over the the 20th century some of these ruins were uncovered. Unfortunately the city and archeologists don't have enough money to buy out the poppulation to uncover all of the ruins. There's over 100 families living over the ruins. The second part of the tour was the underground parts of an ancient roman acquaduct that lies about 40 meters below ground. This acquaduct was in use until the late 1800's until itgot contaminated with chlorea. They were forced todrain it and shut it down. During WW2 it was used as a refuge when the city was being bombed. We were lead through over 1km of underground tunnels, channels, and we even got to see a sistern! With a bunch of water still in it! Toget to the sistern (cistern?) Therewere no lights so we lit candles to get there. The passageways were sooo narrow! It is incredibly difficult to seeby candlelight but it was also incredibly cool to navigate ancient tunnels in such a way. I did realize then that I'm mildly clausderphobic and that I wouldn't make a very good cave explorer. I sill had lots of fun though and I saw what I wanted to seeing Naples. I may be also be glimpse a castle or two tomorrow when I get back from Positano. There's one near the port.

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