Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last day in Rome

Today is my last full day in Rome and it's started out pretty mundane. There's nothing quite like wandering unfamiliar streets with a bag full of laundry that needs to be done. I found a local laundromat a few blocks away and got some of my clothing washed. Yesterday, I actually spilled some cheese grease on my pants and they smelt of cheese (even after being washed it still smells like cheese, but not as much). I also got most of my shirts cleaned, which was nice because I'm pretty much changing twice a day. For the laundry luckily it was some place where you drop off your clothing and some guy washes it for you. That saved me two hours of sitting around and doing nothing so while my clothing was being washed I was able to go see Cestia's Pyramid (I believe it's cestia) and I saw the piazza di papolo. I tried to find the Trevi fountain but that didn't happen as I was running late for the laundromat. Depending on how energetic I feel tonight I may go off in search for it again. We shall see. The piazza di papolo was gorgeous! It's this giant plaza surrounded by churches. In the center there's an Egyptian obelisk. It was well worth the trip. For the afternoon I still plan on getting out to Ostia Antica but I wanted to come inside and cool off first. When I saw the weather this morning at the farmacia it was 36 degrees outside and that's not including humidex. That was also at 11 am so I'm terrified to see how hot it is this afternoon. That's about it for now, oh, I did get that waiter's name. It's Constantino. He was fending off the other waiters from me this morning.


  1. You heartbreaker, you! Constantino sounds like a ton of fun, hahaha! Get a picture with him! Candace and Constantino sitting in a tree... Hahaha! Sorry, sorry, I felt like acting like an 8 year-old today xD Your Roman adventures sound like you're having a blast! Where are you going next? I can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Hey! Unfortunately I left before I grabbed a picture of him. But he was tall, had dark hair, eyes, and skin. Very slender. Broad nose.
    The next destination is Naples and while here I plan on going to Positano for theday and I'll spend another day at Mt. Vesuvius and Herculaneum (a volcano and more ancient ruins! Because clearly all of the stairs in Orvieto haven't scared me away yet and spending 20 minutes scrubbing dirt from my feet hasn'tscared me away from ruins yet - I still haven't gotten rid of all of the dirt).
    Pics shall eventually happen. I think I found a computer with internetfor everyone to use (which makes mewonder why I'm stilltyping on my phone) so I'll see if I can upload photos tomorrowthere. The problem I had with the other one in Rome was slow connection + lack of a program to shrink my images. But hopefully I can get it done while I'm on my trip.