Saturday, July 7, 2012

Off the edge of the map

I'm getting ready for bed soon but I thought I'd update y'all on the rest of my day. After I posted the first entry I decided to go explore the surrounding streets. I ended up going into the Museo Nazionale Romano which is basically a museum on ancient rome. It was pretty neat. After I got out of the museum I decided to pick up some street fruit for a snack and went to the hostel because my bed was ready. I had planned on unpacking, showering and heading out but I wound up falling asleep for two hours instead. That nap was heavenly! I woke up when one of my roommates (bedmates, fellow backpacker crashing in the same dorm as me?) anyways, I chatted up with him for a bit, found out he was from Winnepeg and he'll be spending a few days in Rome. I then showered and headed out. I first decided that I needed real food so I went out in search of that. I found this lovely little cafe/restorant and got myself some handmade tortellini and for desert I tried cannolo. It was the places specialty and it was fantastic! The entire meal was to die for. After lunch/dinner I went off in search of adventure. I began by hopping on the metro with the intention of going to Circa Massima but ended up going to the Basilica de San Paolo first. This Basilica was a little further than I'd expected because when I went to check the map I realized that I was a few metro stops off of the map. So I figured since that was useless I'd have to remember my way to backtrack. The church was amazing. Actually amazing can't define how lovely it was. I couldn't go inside but the outside was just Wow. Near the front there's paintings/frescos of images of Christ and it's surrounded by gold paint. When the sun was setting it was giving off such an amazing glow that I could say it was almost divine. This is coming from a very unreligious person too. It was breath takingly gorgeous. I'm so glad I decided to venture out to find it under the sheer odds that a metro station named Basilica S. Paolo would have that there. On my way back towards the metro station I stopped by a fountain to grab some water (there's fountains all over the city with potable water) having no water bottle with me I simply cupped my hands to drink some. Anyways, as I'm doing this some other guy approaches me and tells me that he was watching me take photos of the church. He asked if I was religious and told me was studying religion. Long story short he gave me a tiny pendant of the virgin mary to help protect me on my travels so I'll make it home safely. Afterwards I actually went to the Circa Massima stop and found the ruins of Porta Capena, Templo di Vesta, Bocca della Verita, ponto rotto. I then walked towards the Coloseo. By this time it was getting late at night so I was able to see the Coloseo in all it's nightly glory. It was amazing with the way it was lit up. By the time I got back to the hostel it was well 10 pm which isn't that late but for someone who hasn't actually had a full night's sleep in 2-3 days it's late. Needless to say that after this is posted I'm likely to head to sleep. I have a busy day planned for tomorrow. I want to see if I can go to Orvieto for the day and I'll need to catch an early train if I want to do it.

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