Sunday, July 22, 2012

The African Coast

It's true, you can see the coast of Africa while standing in Tarifa. It looks a little misty but it's there and it's amazing.

So far my time spent in Tarifa has been wonderful. The hostel is absolutely gorgeous, it's a white house that's been turned into a hostel. The kitchen has everything labeled so you know where things are and if you leave food there there's labels so you can put your name on things as well. This hostel kind of feels like home. It's really neat. I also found an actual computer so I can upload photos!

Tarifa itself is absolutely wonderful. I was mistaken in saying that it's bigger than Orvieto. The heart of the city, the older city, and the part worth visiting is much, much smaller. The rest of the city (the outer parts) is basically chain stores and housing. The walk to the pier takes about 2 minutes from where I'm staying and the walk to the bus stop is about 15-20 minutes which really isn't bad. Most of the buildings here are painted white (to help with the heat) so it's all really lovely. This town is clearly a tourist relaxation town but it's nice and peaceful.

This afternoon while wandering I decided to go whale watching. That was pretty fun and neat. We saw a whole bunch of dolphins that swam up against the boat and some other whales. I can't remember exactly which species it was. It was hard to get a good image between the moving boat, the moving whales, and all of the other tourists who were pushing and shoving to get past you. I may have gotten one or two decent images with my 50D. It was really neat to see them in their homes.

I also did a bit of grocery shopping for the week. I got some pasta and sauce so I can make my own dinner so that's fun. There's even plastic containers to store extra food in case you cook too much at once.

So the first image is a basic map of the area to show you the ocean and the sea and where the city is. Algeciras is at the top right corner of the image.

It's barely visible but you can see the coast of Africa in this image. That misty blue mountain thingy in the background is Africa.

This one is actually from Barcelona... it's a piece of art off of a church.

One of the first things I saw when I got into Tarifa. A sign for a bull fight on August 18th.

One of the streets in Tarifa in the old town.

One of the churches. I believe this one is Mathea

A pottery shop. This is built in an old siege wall.

More streets with palm trees. There are so many palm trees here.

The mailbox at the hostal.

The boat we used for whale watching. Note the sketchy plank we had to use the get onto the boat and the wheels.

More streets and trees.

Paintings done on some of the walls in the street. I'm hoping these were all drawn by children.

Also, since I've figured out how to use the blog a little more I plan on going back and editing previous posts to explain what's what for the images. :)

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