Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rome photos!

I know so many pictures of the Colosseum but one's got a bike in front of it, which is totally Italian, another is of it at night, and the third has me! The fourth picture (I believe it's the fourth) is of the first public fountain I drank out of. This one is located near San Paolo. The last image features roasting chestnuts.

Part of the entrance to the National museum of Romans

Subway sign warning you of pickpocketers.

San Paolo Church. with the sun shining on it

Water fountain! I actually drank water from here and it was good.

Statue in a fountain

The river!


Brick wall built around trees

Coloseum plus a motorcycle. Can this be anymore iconic of Rome?

Me in front of the coloseum.

Carousal thingy

Chestnuts roasting!

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